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Thank you for completing this employer intake form. The Employer Development Manager will evaluate your submission. They will then let you know what additional information, if any, is needed to complete your opportunity posting and inform you of the next steps.
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Looking Ahead, Mark the Calendar 2024:
  • February 2nd: Employer Applications Close
  • February 12-16th: Employer Onboarding Week 1 (Hiring Fair)
  • March 2nd: Hiring Fair *at least one representative must be in attendance
  • Employer Onboarding Week 2: (ProX Internship/CCP Preparation and Expectation) TBA
  • June 2nd - July 11th: Students active in internships
  • July 11th: Student Showcase

Experience Descriptions:
  • Internships - 5 weeks, 20hrs per week working onsite or remotely. 
  • Client Connected Projects - 5 weeks, 20 hrs per week working offsite with a team of 5-10 students through the design thinking process to develop a solution for your identified problem statement. SEE EXAMPLES HERE
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Engineering Internship
Junior and Senior Unpaid Internship | Education, Working with Kids

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What hours will students attend? Must be 20 hours per week.

The best pictures are ones of someone doing the work, but it can also be the company logo, or a photo of the business. png, jpg files that are approximately 370x270px

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Feel free to explain if your company has a COVID vaccination and/or testing policies, drug screen, immunization record, HIPPA/OSHA certifications.
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the url for the mentors linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidnathanielberg/